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Ashley Donald Web Developer


Mohamed Elshahawy FrontEnd Developer

Student & FrontEnd Developer

Hello! I am Mohamed - FrontEnd developer I am in my 5th semester in Computer Science and I am looking for an internship were I could continue improving my coding skills.

I am passionately curious about new Web Design Trends and their implementation as well as I enjoy solving the problems in code. Minimalism is something that I strive for, therefore I like creating web pages where information is displayed in simple, clean and understandable way. I am learning to write elegant, clean code inside and out. I am also addicted to coffe!


During my studies both in Multimedia Design and Web Development I gained practical experience on how to design and implement interesting web solutions.

During Multimedia Design education I have gained knowledge about Wireframing and Prototyping websites. Additionally, we studied design-related topics like Color Theory, Fonts and UX. In Web Development we learned how to turn Wireframes into real websites. We mostly developed using HTML, PugJs, JavaScript, VueJs as well as strongly-typed languages like golang and c++. Styling was done using pure CSS, SASS, Bootstrap and Flexbox..

Owner & Web Developer

I'm a full stack web developer and I founded Right to Obtain Knowledge LLC. My mission is to create outstanding web and software solutions. I aim to simplify, beautify, and enhance every project I touch. You can look forward to aesthetically pleasing websites, using the latest technology, securely and efficiently. A lifelong student, I am always training and upgrading my skillset. As a fullstack web developer, I can provide solutions ranging from data science algorithms all the way to custom UI design.